About the Intentional Communities Day

The European Intentional Communities Day originated from an idea of a member at the members' meeting the Dutch Landelijke Vereniging Centraal Wonen (LVCW).
Because it had to be an open day for all kinds of intentional communities, the LVCW contacted her sister organisation the Landelijke Vereniging Gemeenschappelijk Wonen van Ouderen (LVGO) in order to organize this yearly day together.

The first eerste Intentional Communities Day was organized on Saturday 16 May 2009.
This first year only in the Nederlands, but soon communities in other countries participated, starting in België in 2010 and the United Kingdom (only in 2010 till now). France particiaped in 2014, Italy and Finland in 2016. (Finland particiapted till now only in 2016). Associations in other European countries are in interessested to particiapate, as Swiss, Germany, Czech Rebublic, Spain.

From 2014 on we call the day 'European'.

How the European Intentional Communities Day in each country is named is language depending:

Which day(s):

  • The Netherlands it is one day, because of their wish to make this day as even well known as Mothersday and such days. This fix day is the third Saturday in May.
  • In Belgium it is two days: the third full weekend in May.
  • In France and Italy is chosen for the whole month of May.

For participating communities in recent years, see the maps of 2013, 2014, 20152016 and 2017